Friday, July 07, 2006

It's official! We are seriously SPOILED!

My dishwasher is doing some weird leaking through the wall thing. No biggy, I call a work order in to All Star (who manages and takes care of quarters on our military post)and get a plumber out here immediately (water leaking is an emergency even to them LOL)....

The first plumber, last night, walks around with a flashlight , even though our lights were on, looking at it and saying "Gee! I don't know what it is but it sure is wet there."

Ya' don't say???

After about 20 minutes he says, "Nothing emergent there, we will just call in your dishwasher is broken and someone can come out tomorrow." I stayed up til 11:30 waiting for him to hear this??? Did I mention, that in the process he tried to pull the dishwasher out without loosening screws and so he pulled the door off and broke it? So now I have a leaking spot and a dishwasher that won't close....

Today the first man shows up, he's the REAL plumber, he says "Yup you have a leak!" Really??? I didn't guess those bath towels soaked through and the puddle around them on the floor were from a leak??? (can we HEAR my sarcastic thought process here?).

He actually loosens the screws before attempting to pull out the the ancient behemoth we call a dishwasher here, so for that he at least gets a few points. "YUP!" There it is, right there at the pump. Gonna be cheaper to put a new one in than to fix it."

Well HALLELUIA!! My dishwasher is kind of a family joke anyways. It really just sanitizes since we have to scrub them before we load them anyways, and even then we often get mysterious little hard particles all over our dishes that makes them need rewashed by hand! My children, however, are responsible for this so I do not suffer too much.

The REAL Plumber informs me the dishwasher lady, has to come by to get the dishwasher fixed, since he only handles plumbing. He says he will call her right away. Finally at 4 PM the dishwasher lady arrives. How exciting a new dishwasher.....

Okay don't get excited yet, she informs us, yes we need one but we need an APPOINTMENT to get it installed. An appointment??? She is standing RIGHT here? But, alas! We must wait. Til when? Next week she says. On Monday I get to have a phone consultation to find out WHEN the dishwasher lady is available, then we hope to have something by the middle of the week.

All three children say "WHAT??? The middle of NEXT week???? How will we do dishes???"

By hand of course...."BY HAND?!?!?!"

So I conclude with, it's official we are seriously spoiled.


Bernice said...

ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ohh I sooooo remember those days when dh was in the Army!!!!!! ROFL!!!

I think ALL mititary dish washers are custom made that way(you have to scrub the dishes first & then wash them afterward!)LOL

We had an incident where a vacant apt next to ours had a pipe burst (over a holiday weekend) the neighbors heard it happen & called it in....a guy came out to "fix" it....after 2hours of water running and the ceiling crashing down into the living room! This guy walked in shut off the water to THAT pipe....and walked out....never telling ANYONE that there was a foot and half of water on the downstairs floor! (apparently he was just the "pipe" guy not a plumber)

I called in 2 days later when I found out about it.....and since there was no one living took them a week and SEVERAL calls from me for them to send someone out!

All said and done.....they had to gut that apt and we lost all our storage stuff(christmas ornaments etc) to water damage ....dh developed such a severe case of asthma that he was medically retired!

Sarah Joy said...

Hey, I'm so glad you started a blog! I don't get around on the internet much anymore, but it is good to see you here.