Tuesday, July 18, 2006

AHHHHH! So Sorry I've Been Away BUT......

I am hiding from the world on my own mini vacation with my husband. A rare occurance has occurred! We are childless for a week! What bliss, what joy, what QUIET!

Our adventure began last week after we had our houseguest return to her home (which was a wonderful visit). From there we took one child and left them with friends in San Antonio. By Sunday 2 others were packing to leave on a church youth group trip. Monday at 6 AM we were blissfully alone.

Our exotic destination? Our home; blinds closed, doors locked and the two of us enjoying the rare and beautiful scenery of our kitchen being clean all the time, the laundry caught up and the lights off in every room but the one we are in. There is no water on the counter, no bags and shoes in the middle of the floor and no empty milk jug shoved back in the refrigerator. The pathway to the back of the house is quiet, not a single argument, not a single whine and no doors obstructing the walkway.

I confess, as someone who married very young and has had a child ever since she was just barely 18, I do look forward to the days when my husband and I will be alone. However, I also admit that at times the house seems strangely quiet, the order seems almost eerie and the lights all being off sometimes make me feel a little lonely for my kiddos. But, not so much so that I will want them home early! A couple more days in this exotic location may be just what the doctor ordered!

I will be back to a regualr post in about 3 days but until then, Bon Voyage! The ship is out to sea and there is a lounger with my name on it calling to me.

Blessings ya'll!


Tammy said...

Have a good vacation. :)

Bernice said...

woohoo alone time with hubby!!!
Have fun on your vacation!

Kathie said...

Ahhhh! Looking forward to being empty-nesters! We are down to 2 at home (we have 5 daughters) and one of them is being married in 10 weeks' time. That leaves only 1 at home and she's going to be house sitting for a friend of mine for 2 weeks over the Christmas period and she's planning to go overseas for a while next year. Hubby and I so look forward to those odd quiet weekends that turn up now and then and like you, we just love being in our own home - alone! What a blessing that can be.