Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Glorious Freedom!

I was thinking this weekend about freedom. What it costs to purchase it. It is the blood of those who give of themselves freely that purchase our freedom. What a concept. Someone laid down their life so I can sit among scoffers or follow wholeheartedly after those who went before me, continuing to protect the freedom I have. I can honor the blood that purchased me or I can trample it into the dirt and make it another part of the mud.

The freedom we as Americans have is much like the freedom we gain in Christ. Jesus died so ALL could be free all we have to do is choose to honor it as opposed to trampling it. Not complicated is it? However, we make it seem so hard. Just as we as Americans can choose whether we honor those who died for us or not, we can choose the same for our eternity.

See, we can disgaree with how it was done, we can argue that it was not good enough that there is MORE we can even say our freedom is a bad thing. The beauty of this nation is you can do just that and live and enjoy the benefits of the freedom or you can allow yourself to walk around in bondage and opression because, the truth is youa re free irregardless, it is just a matter of whether you choose to walk in it!.

The same can be said of our Lord and his freedom. All have the opportunity to benefit from His work on the cross, all they have to do is choose it, or they can choose to live mired down in opression and bondage. it is a glorious thing to be free! I pray all are giving thanks here today for not just our national freedom but also the freedom of our spirit from death and hell.


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