Saturday, October 25, 2008

Expelled....have you seen it???

Ok I seldom do this blog, and my guess is most have given up reading it LOL but I feel compelled to write this out. I often process information by writing.

I watched the movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed this evening while my husband and daughter watched a Newsboys concert and football game. I love Netflix by the way (shameless plug there LOL) I can watch the movies instantly on the internet on my laptop!

I have to tell you, I like Ben Stein, and I have always been at odds with the whole evolution theory but after viewing this I must say I am convinced Darwinism itself is a religion and that those who serve it are adamant is promoting it and that nothing will ever be permitted to speak against it in the United States if they have their way.

It would be different if the interviews were spliced, the evidence were not there already (I've heard it and read it before) but the compiling of it in one place, the proof of the unwillingness to even open a dialogue to discuss intelligent design as opposed to evolution (NOT creationism but intelligent design or even another theory) and the persecution of those who do question the status quo is down right frightening. Should a respected scientist lose their job and reputation for simply asking them to open the discussion? look at the argument? mentioning the issue?

To know this is a phenomena of the U.S. and that even those nations less free than we are can have open discussions among their scientists about this things is even more frightening. We, the freest nation on the earth, our scientific community wll shut down, destroy and persecute any who even look into the arguments as legitimate dialogue.

I am sure many people will say evolution is proven, no questions etc but having even the leading scientists explore the option that "another advanced species" (read aliens folks) is more acceptable than discussing the option of God is proof that the issue for them is not science it is that they just refuse the notion of God, of faith and of any moral being to guide, create or endow us as humans is evident. The truth is, even the msot educated scientist cannot tell you HOW life began and what led up to the initial life form that started it all. One scientist kept repeating it somehow piggy backed on crystals BUT he could not explain how that could actually happen.

Wherever you stand on the issue I highly reccomend you see the movie, hear for yourself what the scientists have to say. Do some deeper research and begin to ask yourself questions. Once you have asked yourself then begin to ask established science to explain this to you. And then ask them why they are putting up the wall and refusing to discuss it. Science is about questions...

We cannot allow such a thing to happen as we have all seen in history; yestedays exact science is often todays old wives tale! The most dangerous thing we can ever allow as humans, as christians and as citizens is to stop questioning anything. Wasn't it Hitler who said if you tell lie often enough they will believe you????