Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Taking the Less Chosen Path.......

Have you ever known you were called to do something, known as you sure as you are standing there, that it is the thing God would have you do and find out many people/ friends around you, disagree, and in their disagreement, hurt you?

Recently, my husband and I agreed that an opportunity that was presented to me was definitely something only God could and would do..... So I have, with his support and encouragement, stepped out into a totally new area of my life. I have decided to return to school (online of course because, well, due to my hearing issues, classrooms are very difficult for me) I am entering GCU this fall to pursue a bachelors Degree in Applied Christian Ministries; Focus on Pastoral Ministries. My minor will be Family Dynamics. A far cry from Residential Design Degree I got a year ago.....

I have friends who find this offensive for more reasons than one. Some feel I wasted money and time going for the design degree if I am not going to pursue it to the Bachelor's level. Some feel I should not be spending more time in school, instead I should just use the education I already have others say women should not be pursuing such degrees they are for men only and others say what a waste, what can you do with such a degree in the real world?

So, to address my critics and my supporters I will tell you now why I have done such a thing. For years, over 10 now, I have had the incredible privilege and opportunity to speak to many many different Christian and non Christian audiences large and small about faith, perseverance and commitment. I have done so with a high school diploma a good vocabulary and a gift of gab that an Irish person may say is the result of kissing the Blarney Stone. I do not think it is wrong to continue with only those credentials but I feel it is time, now, to get an education that grounds me more in my faith and the validity it provides when I am speaking to others. It shows to them, that I am willing to put my time effort and labor into the faith I am proclaiming to them. I am not looking at starting my own church (trust me I have NO urge to do that). Ideally, with a degree like this I can begin training for Christian counseling, perhaps be a part of planning events for our Christian community or even step into a position in the military chaplain system that will benefit other Army families.

More so than anything else though, because God spoke it to my heart a long time ago and now, He has opened a door for it to happen. I had not forgotten the promise whispered to my heart so but I confess I had given up on it. I thought I had some how gotten it wrong, misunderstood or presumed upon the Lord. Now, I realize it was all a matter of God's perfect timing. I see that now.

So, I realize there are many who, with all good intention, will, nay say, try to convince me to rethink the direction I am going or tell me I am wasting my time and to them I say.....Please do not presume to know what the Lord is speaking to me and to my family. I would never think to tell someone who after much prayer and conference with both husband and pastor that they are all wrong. If I am, then I am sure the same Lord who whispered to my heart 13 years ago, will speak to me again. It is not the direction you think I should go but it sure is the path laid out before me.


Bernice said...

Praise God for a listening vessel! I admire you....my desire is to get my teaching degree...but right now is not God's timing (we have two come this fall in college)....but I will wait on God's timing! I admire you for listening to God & being patient to wait on the Lord!

Gina said...

Wow...that was good! I'm in a similiar situation (not schooling, but hearing my share of criticism) and I fully agree that God can and does speak to each of us and THANK GOD, he doesn't offer only a "one size fits all" path of service. I say, if your husband supports you and God is leading, have at it! God bless!

Anonymous said...

To Be Or Not To Be...that is the question.
Whether it is nobler to follow the dreams of others of more noble to be protected by those who love us is certainly a great and grand decision. Your very high excellance & desire for education is no surprise by the way your blog is written and the words therein,it is therefore no surprise that you would, of course take the higher, less traveled road, rarely experienced let alone seen.
In other words, i'm not surprised you would decide to continue going to college and you will probably do so until you die.
As a great man once told me..."You must do the job (work) less desired by your spirit and creative force, to provide the finances for you to do what you really are inspired and designed to do."
If your finances and family allow you the time and money you should follow your mind and heart. Sometimes it's easy to get the two confused. Are you stopping or hindering another family person to have goals and dreams? Are you desiring to be a counselor or wishing you could be? Are your skills in the area of counseling or are your skills in the are of CEO/management--a fine line between counseling. Are you wise or just opinionated using your faith scripture to validate your perspective? The skills of designing and counseling are obviously and strangely the same in many ways. Many people do not recognize this due to their lack of knowlegde and education because they may not be as intelligent as you
so the next time someone gives you their opinion simply take it as that. thank the person for his or her thoughts...then go about your business doing what you what to do. My thought is that if this IS your desire you will not ask or tell people for approval. Seek not thier understand but your Lords. Perhaps you should not go around telling people you goal or asking their approval since you already know what their reaction is going to be...a counselor type person would know this. Ponder these things and good luck to you.

reneegrace said...

"because God spoke it to your heart"

isn't that all the reason we need when it comes down to it? that was really encouraging!!

i enjoyed your comments over at Choosing Home too