Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Okay nothing deep and spiritual here! I am frustrated; me, being the loving and good human that I am, I put out food and treats for the birds every day so I can sit in the morning on the patio and watch them while I drink my coffee. My husband uses them as subjects as he is learning to use his new fancy digital camera.
Now, you would think this would make my house safe from bird hoodlums? Right? WRONG!
We have lovely White Wing doves with their beautifully blue lined eyes and sweet little finches hopping around, the one we love most is all brown except for his head has a bright red "hood" on it. THEN we have the Mocking Bird. Loud, bossy and evil if you ask my opinion.
In exchange for our largesse, our incredible meals of peanut suet and sunflower seeds garnished with a bit of dried fruit and small tasty seed we get attacked. This aggressive and horrid bird now thinks if we, or our dog comes out that we need divebombed and pecked with it's very very sharp beak.
Gretchen is afraid to go to her Lavatory end of the yard for fear of the kamikaze style diving this bird practices. I am sure at some point, my neighbors, as they drive along the road behind our quarters, think I have lost my lid. I can be seen numerous time s a day standing out back in the HOT Texas sun, swinging a white and blue broom in the air hoping to bat a homerun with the birdie-ball. Another form or defense we practice is sitting with a handful of small pebbles (from our decorative border)and flinging them at it when it lands on the fence. He always gets hit with at least one so I wonder just how long before this dumb bird figures out he is NOT welcome?
I feel like someone from Caddy-Shack chasing the stupid gopher! Tonight my husband will be borrowing a BB Gun and hopefully, it will be the end of our problem. We already tried not feeding them, it is now more aggressive and the game warden here on post said, it will not go away. According to them our problem is not that we feed them but that it found a water source in our yard and now it is going to consider the are it's territory. It seems the bird (we have watched this) likes to fly down to where the air conditioner drips it's condensation in the yard and stick it's head up the pipe for fresh water. DUMB BIRD!
So I say to you, don't befriend a Mocking Bird! Now, I must go and be the body guard for my poor pecked and frightened dog.......

Blessings to you all today!

Edited to add we aren't getting a BB Gun, LOL we can't find one to borrow and I refuse to actually buy one so anyone with suggestions please do tell!


Terri said...

ROFL!!! Coleen, I want to drive by and watch you swing the broom over your head while Gretchen does her business!

Hope you solve the problem soon!

Susan said...

The mental image is priceless! LOL When we lived in Ft. Worth, the trees in our yard were filled with crows. Every morning, one of them would follow Wes as he walked across the street to his office at the church. It would go all the way over there with him, then come back home. I hate crows!

Happymama said...

I have to say, I'd be going for the BB Gun. But that's the southern redneck in me. LOL Other than that, I don't have any suggestions.

Tammy said...

LOL How funny. Now, at least in California, it is illegal to kill mocking birds! I don't know what your state laws are regarding these irritating birds!

Anonymous said...

unfortunately i must admit...sometimes the only way to rid yourself of these birds are by taking an aggressive stand against other words...go for the gun...quick!