Friday, June 23, 2006

My poor me post of the week LOL

Three times I have tried to write out a post documenting how frustrated and worn down I am, 3 times the whole stinking thing was lost in cyber I stopped and prayed for a few minutes and LOL I do feel better. My pity party has ended and I am mvoing on LOL.

I AM tired right now, frustrated with my husbands medical issues (as is he, it is a joint endeavor LOL we are a team all the way) and emotionally my husband is really dealing with things my mind cannot even imagine. BUT, I also realize how incredibly fortunate we are. He is alive, he is going to one day be finished with all this surgery (30 of them since May 2004), he WILL someday chew again (I am running out of ideas for healthy mushy food for a man with only half his teeth and jaw). My heart however, breaks for the wounds we cannot see. The dreams that have him crying out DUCK and the lives of the men who died beside him that day in May 2004.

I am not going to get all depressing here but I have a request for all of you. When you hear a story on the news, when you see a person in military uniform, when you think about Iraq please pray for these men and women. I do believe they are heroes but not because they are doing something extrordinary but because for them this is their ordinary; to go and risk life and limb to bring freedom and the hope of a life as amazing as we are fortunate enough to live in the free world, to a lot of people who cannot even fully grasp the concept. The very idea of freedom is frightening to those who have always lived in a prison; these people who have never breathed a breath without a dictator over them until we entered the picture. Irregardless of your stand on the war, the truth is we are there, and we cannot leave half finished and allow tyranny to take over and never allow these people to choose for themselves, what type of government they have. My husband developed relationships with men and children there, as did so many other soldiers. My husband's interpreter, an Iraqi national, actually saved his life that night. I believe their children deserve to live, to choose to pursue their dreams, just as I believe mine do and so I ask for you all to PRAY PRAY PRAY. For our soldiers, ours and the Iraqi leaders and the Iraqi people.


PS I will post any comments that disagree with me however if you chose to swear, insult or get plain ugly it will be deleted before I even finish reading it. As a military wife who lives on a military post I have a very different perspective of what is happening in Iraq (from the mouths of those who are there) than what those who only see the news and I will NOT allow the soldiers to be maligned on my blog find somewhere else to do it.


Happymama said...

I cried when I read your post today. I had no idea that your husband had been injured and was still suffering from whatever happened. I would like to share his story with my children if you would like to share it with me. It is very important to me that my children understand what others have gone through during this time, especially since the media gives them such nasty ideas about the war and about our President. I'll say a prayer for both of you. And I say "THANKS" to your husband for putting himself on the line for me and my family and generations to come.

Bernice said...

AMEN SISTER!!!! I TOTALLY agree with you! Although my husband wasn't able to serve this time in Iraq he did serve the first time in Desert Storm & I believe exactly the way you do! I will be praying for you husband & please thank him for US as well!

Bernice said...


as an retired military wife I feel exactly the same way as you do!!!!

my husband served in Desert Storm and gave 16.5 yrs of active duty service...and if he had not gotten medically discharged he would be serving in Iraq right now!

Thank you husband for all that he sacrificed as did/do YOU! We truely appriciate your lives....both of you!

Dell said...

Well written, and very on track! Thank you for the reminder, Colleen! We civilians too often forget to pray, forget to appreciate...

Thank you. And thank you to your husband.

Anonymous said...

your words express the strength & love you have for your family, yourself, and humanity. we need more people like you in this world.

it's not easy to be strong especially when those around you may be unable to understand your conviction and is only through your verbal skills at this point are you able to reach a massive amount of people to convey your message as well as release whatever frustration you may have..

Good luck in all you strive to acheive.