Thursday, August 05, 2010

It's ALL In There.....

There is often a theory brought forward, in women’s magazines, business writings and with all those who are part of the powers that be to teach us how to be better in our lives, This theory is one of roles. We wear many different hats in life so to speak and we need to be good at wearing the right hat at the right time to be the best at the role set before us at that moment.

I have been pondering this lot lately because I really find it impossible. I am a mother, I am a wife and a daughter and a friend; I am an employee and a mentor and a student and a problem solver; at times I am a teacher and guide while others I seek advice and growth. I have not yet learned how I can take off my “mom hat” when I am working as an outreach specialist. I cannot figure out how to remove my wife hat when I am being a mentor or a student.

It is a current cultural phenomenon that we should simply be only the role we are in at the moment and no other in order to be the best at that one thing. I am finding I find that an absurd and impossible process that also requires me to remove half of my thinking and thus handicap myself in those roles.

I am a mother, as one I am good at being a referee and nurturer as well as guide. I am a professional who reaches out to those I do not know without any shyness or embarrassment. I am a student of those I respect and admire to learn how to better improve my own life and I don’t remove that hat.

I am finding for me, the best thing is to instead of trying to compartmentalize my life into these different individual roles that I am best to approach everything as a whole being. The roles I play bring a richness and capability to everything I do. To choose to only have one part of me tackle a problem because it is “work” when the teacher side of me may be what is needed seems foolish. It is by using all of our experiences to filter through and address a problem that we find the most creative and successful solutions.

My job has taught me to use non abrasive tactics in a lot of areas that being a mother would never have afforded (I mean really mom is a commander worker is a team member). Being a leader has taught me the best methods to learn when to step back and be gracious as a wife (yes unbelievable I know but good leaders know when to let others take the reins for them!).

I am entering into my own cultural revolution. One that uses all of me in every aspect to be everything I was created to be. The God of the universe did not orchestrate this life for me with all it’s wonder, sorrow excitement and abundance as well as need for me to compartmentalize but to bring it forth in all of its learning and usefulness to always be the best I can be at everything I put my hand to. I am choosing excellence in all things and this means incorporating all of my roles and events to come to the table as a whole and complete person.

This is just my random wanderings in the bunny trail that is my brain this week.

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