Saturday, July 12, 2008


ok silly as this sounds, how do I make my blog pretty?? I cannot figure out how to get pictures on it or anything LOL

Sad huh?

So who is brave enough to help me here? I have realized my blog is VERY boring to look at and that isn't good since I am in real life a pretty interesting and unique kind of lady!

Am I going to have learn something else new *sigh* all by myself????


Leah said...

Colleen, blogger is so easy to use. When you want to post a pic in a new blog just click the pic icon and it will then let you browse and upload. If you use photobucket or some other pic host, they have the codes right there for you. I made real progress this past week by putting a slide show on my blog. I created it in photobucket and then just copied and pasted the code into my blog. I am so computer illiterate, I don't know all the correct lingo. I just play around sometimes.

Michelle said...

You can also google blogger templates.

Oh and I tagged you over at my blog.

Heather said...

It's really a lot of fun...all I do is "steal" ideas from other blogs. First, you have to have a layout under blogger (I think that might require an update to blogger beta or something like that. Just go to your dashboard and find where it tells you to get a layout.) Then, you can choose a layout and template, and go to town adding "page elements." When you find something you like on another person's blog, just click on it, and it should take you to where they got it. There are even sites like that can give you really pretty templates. I hope this helps!!! Have Fun!!!