Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What is truth???

I'm no scholar but the age old question has been nagging me: what is truth? I find myself often discussing with women what is right and wrong, what is true and false so to speak.

As a Christian I find many people (and mayI empahsize women are very formidable in this) are very set in what they perceive as the right way way to live, worship read their Bible, do their devotions, teach their children etc etc etc

To each of , usthe way we do this goes beyond lifestyle, denomination or anything else it is TRUTH for us. It is absolute, no give, no change, no options, foundational truth. When somone sees things differently and say it they not only threaten "truth" but become a problem, a difficulty, a trial (in christian-ese a 'thorn in the flesh"). Why are we so threatened by different if the goal is the same. Now I am not talking all paths lead to god and look toward the light stuff....I am talking christians, working on walking out their salvation.

As my children have grown and I have dealt with each of their personalities, and have moved around and we have dealt with major changes in our lives, I have learned there is a HUGE difference between truth and preference. My preferences in how my family operates in no way defines right or wrong, truth or deviance from but simply that.... my preference.

Truth, as a believer in Christ is rather simple, it is that we have all sinned and fallen short, we all need a savior to atone for us and he was Jesus who died on the cross and rose again from the grave. That the God of creation loves all of mankind and desires to see us reconciled to Him through Christs atonement and to maintain a lifelong relationship with Him. To go into the world and make disciples and preach the good news.

HOW we do that though, aside from some pretty basic standards of morality is left up to us to walk out using Biblical guidelines that are determined as differently as can be from person to person.

So someone tell me....WHAT is truth apart from that? Am I missing something here? I see a God who met each of the people in His word differently and worked through them and in them differently and did very unique things with very unique people. So is it wrong to say then that He is still the same today?

We are ALL one body, joined together by the blood of Christ and to try to tear one another down is to in fact destroy a part of ourselves. In the end I believe such things grieve the Lord.

OK enough rambling for tonight.....


Ginger said...

Biblical Guidelines are not different for each person, they are the same for each. its up to us to follow them.

mrssaf said...

Ginger...how do you decide though who is "right" and "wrong"? Who do we slay and who stands? You see head coverings as mandated I do not. You see dresses as mandated I do not.

So they may be there to be followed except we both say we are following them. Are you more spiritual? Am I? Are you a better believer? Am I? You say KJV I say it is an argument and the Word really can be in other formats.

Paul says we are to eat meat when we are with those who eat meat and abstain when we are with those who do not. We are to be all things to all people. So, evidently he saw that this issue is always there.

If I were to visit your church I would cover and wear a skirt however, I would still go home and wear jeans and be uncovered. I would just simply be all things at that time.

What I am saying is there comes a time to stop shooting at each other over the fence and stop casting judegement on your own body of believers and love one another without the "right" fight going on.

In Christ

Patti said...

This is a very difficult topic, I have learned to just do what is right in my heart between God and I - and if someone else is being different than I am, to let them be... after all - in the end we will all stand alone with Christ for him to judge us.

I have learned to actually avoid discussion on this topic, as there are so many good things we all can agree on... such as, we can all be a good example - hopefully leading those who do not have a relationship with Christ to him. :) I suppose, I have learned that it's okay to disagree, let's all pursue our own relationship with Christ in the time that we have given to us. :)

We all agree in salvation, we all agree that we all want a personal relationship with Christ in whatever form it is that is right for the individual. :)